Internet gokken legaal via Curaçao (Engels)

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Curacao offers regulated interactive gambling licenses for sportsbooks and online casinos. There are two alternatives to obtain a license in Curaçao:
a) Apply for a government issued gaming license. In this instance, a request must be filed with the Department of Justice. The monthly license fee amounts to ANG 10,000. For further information see the link to the pdf dated October 2002, which was drafted by the Curaçao Government and is still current.
b) Obtain a Sub-license. There are several parties which who are willing to issue a sub-license under their existing government issued gaming license. The cost of a sub-license ranges from between USD 2,000 to USD 4,000.
Both alternatives require a company registered in Curaçao with a local managing director. It is allowed to appoint a trust company as the managing director of the company registered in Curaçao. PricewaterhouseCoopers has contacts with various trust companies which are willing to act as a local managing director.
Taxation (e-zone status)
In March 2001 the National Ordinance on the establishment of economic zones (e-zone) entered into force. This ordinance facilitates e-commerce companies with a tax rate of 2% on the net profits. In order to benefit from the 2% tax rate under the e-zone legislation a request will need to be filed with the authorities.

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